Saturday, August 27, 2011

Walking across Virginia

Wondering where I've been? Well, busy for one, very busy. For those of you who didn't get the mailing, we've moved our office. From our vintage little office building that was originally built by my pediatricians in 1949 to sleek revamped office digs on the old Children's Hospital medical campus. If you can get through on the phones and find the darned office (still a few glitches to work out!), I think you'll be pleased to see that Adele and I are business as usual under the auspices of Exempla Healthcare here in Denver.

In my spare time, however, I've been walking across Virginia. Well not really walking across Virginia which would doubtless be even hotter than Denver and logistically problematic. I'm talking traversing in a virtual sense. I urge my patients to find an exercise activity that engages their interest as well as their heart. Used to be Jazzercise for me, step aerobics too, but that was years and a lot of knee cartilage ago. Walking with a dog is a personal joy, but I've got no pooch on-site with whom to mosey. So instead, I'm walking solo across the United States with an eye on the West Coast by 2020.

Wanna' come along? Check out the TransAmerica Trail (aka Tools to keep you active) at Sign me up as your partner--they'll put you on my map and me on yours at the same starting point. I'm walker number 65471 about to enter Kentucky but happy to join you back on the Virginia coast.