Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Dr. Bryan Kramer: Vascular Institute of the Rockies

Over 30+ years of the practice of medicine, I have had the professional pleasure of working with a vast number of gifted docs, many of whom I would gladly entrust with my family's care.  Now that gravity and aging are compromising venous return in my nearest and dearest (blood gets down to N&D's feet but the return trip to his heart is increasingly hard), I'm getting a patient's perspective on Vascular Institute of the Rockies, and the view confirms the great feedback I've gotten on this office through all of these years.

From my first phone contact, through the head nurse, front desk, and medical assistants, every person has been friendly and helpful.  In particular, however, I'd like to thank Dr. Bryan Kramer for squeezing us in, then treating us as if he has all the time in the world.  He has been straight forward and clear in his explanations, addressing all concerns of my N&D as to best treatment, prognosis, and expected chain of events.  N&D is not an enthusiastic customer when it comes to medical care, and he is quick to tell me as we exit an office EXACTLY what he thinks of any particular visit and the doctor in charge.  So two thumbs up as the elevator doors slid shut behind us plus an expressed willingness to return are his five star endorsements for this competent doc!