Friday, October 14, 2016

Dancing the Bewegungschöre

I love German verbal portmanteaus.  In order to create big words for simple concepts, they just mash-up two or more words into a multi-letter string such as the noun Handschuhschneeballwerfer (a person who wears gloves to throw snowballs) or the verb Sontagspaziergangmachen (to go for a Sunday walk).  I can’t help but wonder if we had a single word for these activities, would we be more likely to grab friends or family and head for the park on a wintry Sunday afternoon for a jolly snowball fight?
But back to Bewegungschore.  I googled ‘dance’ and ‘mood’ and hit the jackpot by stumbling across information on Rudolf von Laban, a dancer and movement theorist who developed the concept of  Bewegungschore in the early 20th century.  That tongue-twister of a word translates as ‘movement choir’ where participants don’t sing but rather dance together as a shared experience in the joy of moving.  He elaborated his vision further with another mega-word, namely bedürfnislosigkeit meaning demandlessness as in having one’s time and energy free to indulge in ‘festive exaltation’.

Well now, what could be better really than to a bedürfnislosigkeit state on a Saturday a.m in order to participate in a laughing, lively Bewegungschöre, shaking those parts of your body with which you are in contact as you oscillate with a group of like-minded dancers?

In Denver? Looking forward to seeing you some Saturday soon as we dance in a movement choir with Lia Ridley at Dancing the Soul, 950 Jersey St, Denver, CO  80220.

Friday, September 23, 2016

Dancing the Soul

This Virgo girl just passed that milestone birthday that lands me on the Medicare rolls! In order to meet the event with maximum enthusiasm and joy, I spent that celebratory Labor Day weekend morning at Denver's Dancing the Soul studio doing just that, belly dancing my soul as if no one was watching.  For those of you with whom I've never had the pleasure of a face-to-face meeting, that's me in the over-the-top, so-not-me, two piece outfit front row left.

Are you live and local in the Denver area?  Consider checking this class out, 11:00 a.m. on Saturdays, The lovely lady bottom right in the above photo is our instructor Lia Ridley.  Not so sure this is your thing?  Read on!

"Belly dance is like glitter: It not only colors your life, it makes you sparkle. You find it everywhere, and in everything, and it's nearly impossible to get rid of. "
— Anonymous

"Sequins, sass, and sisterhood"

Professor Angie Moe of Western Michigan University investigated the effects of belly dancing on the perceptions that older women had about their bodies, specifically how age related changes were a source of shame and discomfort.  Interviewing aging ladies who participate in this activity, she determined that shaking whatever part of you that still moves enough to more or less shimmy is an excellent way to regain, reclaim, rebuild, and redefine that which constitutes bodily comfort and joy.  

May I add that it's a lot of laughing and a lot of fun?