Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Too many toes sign...

Get a buddy to stand behind you and look at your feet. A positive 'too many toes sign' is present if more than the pinky toe can be viewed from the back. This toeful look is created by the outward splay of a foot caving inward due to a fallen arch.

Who knew? I knew my arches went to ground years ago following months of burning pain. Today I found out that my acquired flatfeet, right worse than left, are taking my knees on an inward collapsing course which is painfully grinding away the outside compartment of the joint.

The good news is that getting my arches off the ground and my ankles back in alignment may save my knees from degenerative destruction.


Ruth said...

I wish I could assess the feet of my knee replacement patients 20 years before I do their postop therapy!

Femail doc said...

I wish you could assess my foot right now. This old right foot is not happy about the changing alignment associated with an arch support. The tendons on top are screaming with pain, and I just noted the area is swollen. Knee or foot, which do I choose?

Nice blog you've got!