Monday, December 31, 2007

Menopause mind meets menopause moment

I gave my package addressed to Philadelphia, PA to the middle-aged clerk to weigh. She looked at the destination and smiled.

"I've been there," she said. "Alcatraz was fascinating."

That stopped me cold. Information went to central processing and did not compute. What was wrong with that statement?

"I loved the Golden Gate Bridge," she added.

Contact! Now in touch with destination neurons.

"Oh, I think you mean San Francisco," I finally countered. She nodded in agreement and gestured to the package.

"I've been there too! Next I'd like to go to Niagara Falls."

That's in Florida, right?
Want to know why you get menopause moments, or how to tell a menopause moment from the beginning of a real dementia deal, check out Menopause Moments. Please feel free to leave a moment of your own for others to share.


JeanMac said...

Yikes!(And HNY,Doc)

Ruth said...

Quite random for talking to my teenager! ;-)
Happy New Year

Mauigirl said...

Happy New Year! I thought I posted a reply but am not sure it computed.

Guess this is a good example of how they say people don't know their geography these days.