Sunday, December 28, 2008

A lovely thought

My patient Tricia asked about my Mom. When I told her she had died some months previous, and about how she had had enough and had been ready to die, Tricia smiled and said: Ah, a life concluded, not interrupted.


Beverly said...

Hi, I haven't been by for a while. That is an interesting comment that Tricia made. Concluded here on earth anyway.

I was looking at your book recommendations and my interest was piqued by the third one. Going to Amazon, I found that the author is a CF patient. My two-year-old granddaughter has CF. I will get that book and the others that are linked to it.

I read a lot about CF, sometimes too much, probably. Have you any CF patients in your practice?

Anonymous said...

My mom said the same thing nearly. I wasnt sure how to take it. You put a positive spin on it. All I know is that it took me a lot longer than what 'they'(dr's or anyone else) say, to move beyond her death.... it has been five years, and I still have things come up to deal with. Especially life after death questions that no one seems able to really answer., only what one 'believes'........ Do people have an immortal soul, or are people the soul(the body), that seems to be the question.
I know she would wish everyone happy new year, as do I.

JeanMac said...

Wise words from Tricia.