Monday, January 12, 2009

Skinceuticals C E Ferulic

So what's Arlen Specter doing on my blog? Well, he's got those pouchy things going on on either side of his mouth. And that's my newest obsession--my little pouchy things where acne scars are coalescing with wrinkles. I googled Arlen Specterish pouchoid look and found Well, actually not, I don't exactly remember what I googled but it was some combination of Vitamin C serum and aging skin. Topical vitamin C is known to stimulate collagen production, and collagen is the fibrous tissue that keeps your cheeks off your chin and your chin off your collar. And Dr. Benabio's excellent blog noted that this fern-derived antioxidant called ferulic, when combined with topical C, stablizes the latter and allows it to penetrate better into damaged skin. And he said someday soon, topical C plus ferulic would be available.

I am computer woman, see me google. Off to vitamin C AND ferulic arriving at Skinceuticals C E Ferulic Sample Size . What the heck, thinks I, it was on sale in December, so for $25, why not?

Fast forward to three weeks later, a patient told me today my skin looked great. "Good color," she said, "You look healthy!" Need I say more?

September, 2009 update: Still using CE Ferulic. A little goes a long way--one tiny sample body supplies nightly face application for over a month. Skin looking so good that my 20-something year old daughter noticed it and took one of my bottles for herself! Get your own CE Ferulic my dear!


KGMom said...

Whoa--I just stopped by to check your blog, and see MY senator staring out at me.
Quite a fright.
OK--you explained it. Great description--pouchy things.

Anonymous said...

Does it make your skin break out? One of the reviews on Amazon said no, but I'm wondering if the product says non-comedogenic or whatever that word is. BTW, the price has gone up!

femail doc said...

Sorry to scare you KGM--I'm glad you stopped by!

No anon, no breakouts. Yes, it was on sale in Dec. But, consider, 30 ml of this stuff goes for $135 on Skinceuticals web-site and you get 6 vials of 5 ml each (that's 30 ml!) for $35 on Amazon. A little goes a long way BTW. I'm not even halfway through the first vial. Check out for the proper application technique.

Anonymous said...

I saw a plastic surgon take a little fat pouch out of the cheeks of someone who had this look.... that is what i thought it was.... its all kind of gross anyway, i dont know how you do it....have you seen the surgery for cystocelles? YIKES! and not really recommended after a lot of research, either... another subject, i know...

Mauigirl said...

OK, I'm sold. Anything to avoid the Specter-pouches.

Andrew said...

no breakouts.
skinceuticals ce ferulic