Sunday, February 08, 2009

Pilates, back pain, and Denver's old spines

I see a lot of older women going to ground--their spines telescoping downward and often acquiring notable, painful curves in the journey south. Unfortunately, got one of those backbones myself. I've tried a lot of things to shore it up but none more useful than my lessons with Dana Dreifus, a wonderful Pilates instructor in central Denver. She has an incredible intuition for that which you need to balance and strengthen, and she's quick with adjustments to the standard postures in order to accomodate your ability and level of fitness.

But you don't have to be old and degenerating to enjoy Dana's careful attentions and enthusiasm. If you're new to Pilates or wish ongoing instruction, you could not do better than to call her at: 720-936-3667.


Ruth said...

Pilates done right is the best thing you can do for your ageing or young body. I am back to an almost full routine but have had to ditch anything done in kneeling, which isn't much. I cannot go to your instructor but use a DVD I like.
(Pilates Complete for Everyone)

JeanMac said...

How do you find a "good" instructor? Maybe word of mouth is best. I'd love to go to Pilates.

dorsey said...

JeanMac, as a several-years pilates student I'd suggest a few things: be sure s/he is trained in anatomy as well as pilates, that you're not pushed to do anything that's wrong for your body. If you're on the reformer (machine with springs and pulleys), definitely start with private or semi-private sessions, instructor should be right next to you telling you to use muscles you didn't know you had. Mat or floor pilates, small class is best, teacher should be watching everyone, making corrections. 40 people with someone leading in front may be good exercise but won't change how you move.

If stress goes into your knees or back or it seems easy, something's wrong.
It also helps if you like and trust the teacher. good luck.