Sunday, March 01, 2009

YogaToes revisited

I've mentioned before that this product has relieved most of my foot pain coming from falling arches and mid-foot impingement syndrome (along with arch supports in the shoes). Just noticed a coupon code in Health Magazine for $15 off--go to and enter coupon code H3X9.


Beverly said...

how does this help foot pain???
I have pain on the bottom of my feet, like my bones want to come through my skin?? Fallen arches?

femail doc said...

Hi Beverly--Boy, I've been there, had that. In my experience, falling arches are extremely painful. I think the yoga toes help realign the toe bones and the long bones below the toes known as metatarsals which in turn sorts out the collapsing mess where the metatarsals meet the tarsals as they form the arch in the mid-foot. I think orthotics are important too, and never going barefoot (wearing supportive footwear as soon as your feet meet the floor in the a.m.). I initially found both yogatoes and orthotics quite painful so I gradually increased the time I used them, and now I can walk and dance painfree.

dorsey said...

I just got toe separators from the nail polish section at target (for $1.50), are these the same? they're certainly uncomfortable but if they're doing what they're supposed to I'll use them. They look like the picture of yoga toes but without a top.