Tuesday, April 14, 2009

In praise of Dr. Anthony Laporta

My friend/patient did not look well. She came in on Friday of last week looking gray and tearful, still battling the abdominal pain that she'd called me about the previous week. Not only was she 7 pounds lighter than her usual weight, she had scary lymph nodes on the side of her neck.

One of those moments when I puzzle over what to do with my face as I launch into Dr. Scheduler, working to get her a CT scan and an appointment with a general surgeon for a biopsy. All ASAP! Within two hours, both appointments were made for the beginning of this week.

So here it is Tuesday p.m., and I've just gotten off the phone with Dr. Anthony Laporta whom I've never met and never spoken to before yesterday. My friend and I agree that this fellow is the best. He was on his cell phone, the sounds of his son's lacrosse game in the background. He had the the CT results to me within 2 hours of the Monday's scan. Post-op, per him: "I walked down to the lab to have a look at the slides from the biopsy." No unnecessary waiting for my pal--"My goal," per Laporta, "is to get things done as quickly as possible to minimize the time spent worrying about the unknown."

So tomorrow a.m., she will see the oncologist--on her way to an action plan within five days of her first appointment! I recommend Dr. Laporta with pleasure to all those facing the scary prospect of surgery.


Beverly said...

Wow, we need more like him.

Haralee said...

Both of you need to be applauded. One of the worst parts of any suspicious diagnosis is the waiting for the reults.

JeanMac said...

What a gem he is, you also!

The Average Working Mom said...

He is quite an amazing doctor. He is a very good friend of our family as our sons are good friends. He came to my family's aid about 2 years ago when my then 17 year old daughter had found a lump in her breast. Literally, within 1 week, the exam, ultrasound, biopsy and surgery to remove the "THANK GOD" benign lump was done and she was no longer scared and on her way to healing. Dr. Laporta is not only an amazing doctor, he's an amazing MAN!!!!!

femail doc said...

Hi AWM: I love your story (and the outcome too per the whole saga on your blog). I've now had three for three with Tony--two other patients for whom he seemed to go above and beyond call of duty, meeting one at hosp. radiology dept. on Labor Day to discuss her films). Now it seems above and beyond is just his everyday M.O.