Wednesday, May 27, 2009

I'll be doggone!

I was scribbling away on my patient's chart during the initial part of her annual exam. As I wrote her latest information, she began to pant.

My first doctorly thoughts before I looked up: "Good heavens, she's in metabolic acidosis," "She has a sucking chest wound," and finally "She's lost her mind!"

As I turned my gaze towards my patient, I noted that she looked neither distressed nor hypoxic. And...the panting was coming from near her feet!

"What on earth is that noise?" I asked.

She leaned down sheepishly and unzipped her large bag. A small silky-haired dog popped out and made my day by sitting in my lap for the remainder of the interview.


kenju said...

My doc has a sign about turning off cell phones in the office - now she'll have to have one that says leave your dogs at home!!

Ruth said...

A good thing that you like lap dogs! Overall, pets are so good for people. We have regular pet visitors at the hospital and they are more popular than the people visitors.

Nana said...

Oh! That is funny! It sounds like something my mother would do. She has this motto: "Love my dog!"

I worked for many years in a dental office and there was a little elderly lady who would bring her dog with her to her dental visits. Luckily my dentist was a dog lover and didn't mind letting her hold "Fido" while we did her work.

Dee said...

Thank you for the wonderful laugh to start my day, Judy!

Beverly said...

Oh, that is great. Thanks.

Mauigirl said...

That is hilarious!