Saturday, May 03, 2008

Menopause moments

Milk in the cupboard, cornflakes in the 'frig. Women of 'a certain age' find these moments infinitely amusing...and definitely scary. Are we overwhelmed, inattentive, out of estrogen, or slipping down the road to dementia?

I invite you to check out my newish blog Menopause Moments. Share a momentary brain lapse that made you laugh, then read the latest research about what constitutes a menopause moment (aka senior moment), and what you can do to assure that yours will never become a permanent state of mind.


janemariemd said...

Man, I did this today: open box of cereal in one hand, coffee filter on the counter at the other--means I poured cereal into the filter!! Yikes, I am thinking sometimes a little hormone replacement might be a good thing!

Femail doc said...

Hi JM: One morning, I went made coffee, went out to check the posies, came in to find coffee running all over the counter. Forgot to put carafe under the basket. Making coffee is apparently a multi-step task that defies the aging brain sometimes. May I post your story on Menopause Moments?