Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Yoga Toes vs. a Trip to the Orthopedist

They both cost me roughly the same--about $45. The former got me two clear plastic toe separators with a lifetime guarantee against breakage. The latter got me 5 minutes of his time, plus assurances that 1) my flatfeet were the source of my pain (I knew that) and 2) my posterior tendon was not hopelessly and permanently stretched (I didn't know that, but hoped it was true).

Here's my conclusion after one month of Yoga Toe workouts (stick your toes into the Yoga Toes, lie down, watch TV). Spend your money on them and skip the copay for the overpriced specialist. Compare and contrast:

December, 2007, I walk 5 blocks to an antique/thrift store on Colfax Avenue. My feet hurt so much that I wonder if I'll be able to make it home. No cell phone along on my retail adventure, so no choice but to hobble home.

May, 2008, I visit the Black Hills of South Dakota and scramble up a steep slope for 25 minutes to take in the breathtaking view (and try as I might, I can't make the guys there on Mt. Rushmore come through). I skid down (on feet not back end) and walk briskly back down the path to the car. No pain at all.


kenju said...

Where can we buy Yoga Toes?

JeanMac said...

Yeah for Yoga Toes - I still think they sound like something on a menu.

Ruth said...

These sound like the best thing for feet since Yak Traks. I will have to try them at the hospital. I assessed a foot yesterday on an elderly lady who had walked in high heels for 40 years and now has foot pain. Too late for a fix for her due to her subluxed joints.

Femail doc said...

KJ: Yoga Toes are no longer sold on Amazon, but they have similar products for around $30. The real deal can be had at for about $50.

JM: If we relish Lady Fingers, why not yoga toes?

Ruth: I've been intrigued by YakTrax ( but felt like I was not quite old enough to buy them (nor is Denver quite snowy enough). I'd better not wait until I break a hip to strap them on.

Haralee.Com said...

I love Yak Trax. Icy conditions, works almost as well as putting a sock over your shoes and looks better.
Yoga Toes, I just can't get into. I don't like to go barefoot, or even have my toes exposed when exercising. I like the support of my shoes all laced up secure and preventing all ankle turning and giving me a bounce.

30 years from Darling said...


I've got lupus & hypermobile joint syndrome ...

these are facinating!!

dorsey said...

yoga toes ad in sunday supplement for $13. I can still pick up popcorn with my toes but am more grateful since hearing what others are going through.
I fell on ice a few years ago, jammed my shoulder, long recovery. I used yaktrax a lot winter before last when ice lasted forever, at least in my neighborhood. (didn't bother last winter). At the time I was younger than you are now, Judy, but I think you are sensible enough to stay inside if it's icy (and young enough your quick reflexes will save you if you start to slip). Don't wear them if there's a thin layer of snow over ice; snow fills in and they form a solid flat sole, good for intentional gliding only. (remember loafer sliding on the way to school, actually running toward slippery spots for good momentum? Maybe we should try that again, make it fun instead of terrifying) (you go first, let me know).

Utah Savage said...

Dear Doc, You just left a comment on my site. Im the one with atrial fibrillation who smokes a pack and a half a day. I'm planing on taking myself out before I go brainless. My dear mother taught me to smoke when I was five and then never objected to my smoking all through my childhood, but not in places where it would be frowned upon, like school, until I hit jr high where I would sneak smoke breaks. She also put coffee in my bottles when I was a baby because I fussed if she didn't or so she says, so also a lifetime of much caffein consumption, too. I'm an emotional train reck. Bipolar, PTSD, anxiety disorder. But smoking is unlikely to be a thing of the past for me. I have tried hundreds of times, gum, patches, willpower, wellbutrin, which made me psychotic. No I smoke because I can as well as must. As I'm sure you know, nicotine is an antidepressant. My mother quit in her fifties and still went brainless.

Beverly said...

Yoga toes indeed sounds interesting.

About the manatee, I will do a post about him after a while. I need to get some good photos of him. He was born in captivity and came to live in Bradenton early in his life. I remember going to see him when I was a little girl.

He has a wonderful tank and often has some young manatees who are being rehabbed for release into the wild.

They are gentle giants.