Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Of frogs, princes, shoes, and feet

One of my favorite books whilst growing up was an illustrated version of Grimms' Fairy Tales. Contrary to popular belief, the princess in the tale of The Frog Prince was so sickened by the attentions of the slimy frog that she "...picked [him] up with her finger and thumb, carried him upstairs, and put him in a corner." When he came creeping up requesting a spot beside her in bed, "she felt beside herself with rage and, picking him up, she threw him with all her strength against the wall, crying 'Now will you be quiet, you horrid frog?'"

So what's this got to do with horrid feet? I've been vainly attempting to replace my broken down not-so-New-Balance exercise shoes. Alas, New Balance no longer makes that model, so I must've tried on a dozen pairs of other NB styles at DSW's Denver store. Thank heavens the help pays you no mind there, because I was close to heaving a shoe or a salespunk, which one mattered not, at the wall. I left with sturdy Easy Spirit slip-ons, but no go-fast shoes.

Today, I scored by stepping out of the NB box into Balance shoes (that's Balance with a backwards B that looks like d that rhymes with c that stands for made-in-China comfort). Danced my heart out at Jazzercise an hour later with no pain at all.

The moral of my story is don't settle for sore feet. Try rolfing, neurokinetics, orthotics, Yoga Toes, orthopedists, and kiss as many shoes as you need to so that your feet can carry your heart, brain, bones, and muscles intact to the finish line.


kenju said...

I finally learned that life's too short to wear uncomfortable shoes.

Funny this: I just left a comment for someone else about how many frogs I had to kiss before I found a prince.....LOL

Ruth said...

I have been searching for some comfortable work shoes for summer and have tried many on. I settled on a pair of Keene sandals yesterday. If they are right, you know right from the first time you put them on.

dada said...

I think your experience strikes a chord with many, many more people than you know.

A year or so ago I went into one of those large emporium-like shoe stores where one is free to try on shoes ad infinitum. They had many different well known brands as well as many unfamiliar. All, hurt my feet, even the greatest pair I loved the look of. Out of respect for my feet, I left (new) shoeless.

I have since purchased four pairs of shoes at a "Big 5," the last pair - Wrangler Hikers for 1/2 off the discounted price of $20 w/coupon. All four of these pairs felt immediately comfortable, like the 'old friends' they were replacing.

But each new pair comes with extreme guilt at the thought of the possibility of child slave laborers who made them, which seems to refute a song from the movie "Garden State" soundtrack that says, "We live in a beautiful world."


Femail doc said...

KJ: Great minds, or similar older ladies, think alike.

Ruth: Never heard of Keenes but agree completely, you can spot comfort from first step.

Dada: Bizarrely, the winning pair in shoe hunt was indeed purchased at a discount from Big 5! Wanted comfort, wondered about the wheres and from whoms of their origins.

Anonymous said...

Granted this is somewhat extreme; nonetheless, for NB-aholics, there is always the annual August Tent Sale at the NB headquarters in Skowhegan, Maine. They have old models -- some quite old. And cheap!! My child was born barefoot (no surprise there, I guess) and battled me over shoes for years. His first sort of sentence was "shoes, no; socks, yes." As it happens he has really wide feet and the only athletic shoes he can wear are NB 4E. At the NB store we are looking at $100.00. At the tent sale, $39.99 for his favorite style, which they always have. So, if you happen to be in Maine, or need an excuse to go. . .

JeanMac said...

Long, long ago, a sales person told me that if they don't feel great right away, don't take them.

Wendy said...

I second that, Jeanmac and Ruth. I tried on a pair of Astecs gel running shoes, recommended by my physiotherapist. They fit and felt good right from the beginning.
I love them. And I'm really more like Anonymous's child. I love to go barefoot - or socks. No shoes if I can avoid it.