Sunday, June 01, 2008


Want to smile and feel good about growing older? This movie is about remarkable old people in a singing group. Remarkable not because they've aged without physical ailments but rather because they've aged with spirit and humor despite their infirmities. The documentary follows them through the initial rehearsals to their sold-out performance with interim stops for a show at a local prison, and several trips to hospitals.

I need to find a singing voice and a fifty-something musical director in 20 or so years so I too can be young@heart.


dada said...

Femail doc: I just want to say "Thank you!" for your website. I stumbled across it from some wisdom you were imparting in a comment to another blogger recently.

Since then, I enjoy dropping by because you add a "human dimension" to "doctor," that person I avoid as much as possible, yet hold it much esteem. (So much so, that I am always shocked when reading the newspaper OB's and discover a doctor occasionally listed there, proving something I tend to sometimes forget: Even doctor's are human!)

Thanks again for a website that makes healthful reminders a pleasant "pill to swallow!"

JeanMac said...

I need one in 10 years but one stipulation - some deafness a blessing for those who would have to listen:)
I love they included a prison stop - Think that's classy.