Friday, March 16, 2007

An Aged Athlete

From a simpler time, when old was old, and physically fit was not (old that is):

An old-time champion pedestrian, whose record 30 or 40 years ago aroused the country, has recently at the age of nearly 70 performed the feat of walking from Philadelphia to New York, a distance of 96 miles, in a little over 23 hours and finished the task in excellent physical condition. This is a good example of the fact that the physical organization of man need not necessarily go to pieces before the allotted three score and ten, when, according to some, the system is worn out and useless. Of course, this man is an exceoptional case, but he shows what the possibilities are, and probably a great man other individuals of as great age could do likewise.

----JAMA, June 23, 1906

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Anonymous said...


Yea!! for us old folks-- I'm almost 72, female, who began to exercise at the Y last Nov. gradually increasing my treadmill and weight exercises. Now it's three times a week for about 1 1/2 hours. 35-40 minutes on the treadmill close to 2 miles. I lost inches; stand straighter, feel younger, and have much more energy. Not having arthritis or other medical problems that make exercising really difficult, I see the benefits==wow! I'm waiting to see if my blood pressure improves.